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Could self-love and self-doubt be two sides of the same coin?

I went on a shamanic journey recently. I asked how can I release patterns of self doubt?

During the journey I was met by a vixen, who showed me her cubs, and said that they are in no doubt they they are fox cubs,, and when they grow, they will follow their instincts completely without a doubt, and that self-doubt is a human condition.

Soon after, I got a message from the bees, telling me to relax and just be, they told me

"Nature "just is" and there are no conditions put onto nature, There is no room for self-doubt in nature. So after I received this message, I decided to let myself off the hook, tor relax to let go of

"shoulds" and to follow my instincts as the cubs do.

For me, this means painting and writing, even if there is house work to do, or emails to write, because the fulfillment I get when I do what I love, gives me energy to do more of the other things.

If I am nature , and nature just is then "I am me" , and I can accept myself exactly as I am. This is what the bees have been teaching me over the years.

I experience self-love and self-doubt as two sides of the same coin. and I am making an effort to be in and with nature more and more. I tune in with the bees every day, and ask for guidance with difficult situation, and usually I get answer.

The bees have an elevated consciousness, which I have spent many years tuning into.

Here is a poem I channeled from the bee spirit a few years ago.

Dissolving into being

Another way of seeing

I am travelling,unravelling

The mistakes and heartbreaks

Free to traverse the universe

and claim Universal connection

Without and within

Show me please the forgiveness in me

So I may be free.

Belinda Bluebell


I am facilitating a hub for therapists and change makers on behalf of Brightsky in Totnes.

in Totnes Date and time on the the link to follow.

There is a chance to share what you do,and, I will be talking about self-love and I will be sharing my journey on the path of self-love.

Here is the link for Brightsky

Love and light Belinda xxx

If you would like to book a session or know more about what I offer, please go to

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