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Welcome to

The Voice of The Bees

Are You a highly sensitive woman?
Do you feel life's struggles and pains deeply?
Are you ready for a reset?

I am a channel for the voice of the bees a writer, and shamanic Bodyworker.  I channel the wisdom and healing of the bee spirit through my intuitive touch.I also use my voice to transmit the healing sounds of the bees.

I support you to feel safe, understood, and clear, so you can discover the old patterns holding you back,. With my support you can shift them, so you can feel more empowered to continue with your healing journey.
There are various ways to do this,

Shamanic Bodywork sessions, from my home in my beautiful healing room in Totnes.
Online and live workshops where I live in Devon.
I offer individual sessions, lasting for 90 minutes
Or a series of three two hour sessions which is called the Path of Self Love


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Belinda’s massages are divine! As a yoga teacher who lives with old spinal injuries she is one of two body workers

I trust my body with! I always leave feeling totally relaxed, elevated and clear. I highly recommend this deep practice of shamanic Thai massage.

Steph Bailey.

Kundalini Teacher.

For about 5 years Belinda  Mother Bee has given me Thai Massage combined with humming and strong breathing. I feel energised and enlivened

after sessions, to the point that it feels like champagne is running through my veins. Belinda has a very gentle but thorough way of getting into points in the muscles, sometimes passionate (releasing),sometimes soothing and compassionate. It feels like intuition at it's best.

Work With Me

​                                               . Click below for more details.

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and powerful massage therapy that combines acupressure, gentle stretching, and applied yoga.. I have combined this with Bee energy healing to create Shamanic Bodywork.









The Path of Self-Love Series

 Click Below to find out more.

   Still   £199. 00  A 3 month Journey to Self-Love guided by 20 years  of intuition and the bee spirit.





The path of self –Love Journey

This is a journey where I am assisted by the bee spirit to take you on your own journey of self-Love over a period of 3 months. This includes Bodywork, intuitive healing and guidance from the bee spirit There may be guidance in different forms, including poetry, to help you on your way. Each session lasts for 2 hours. The first session will include a consultation. During the journey we will use Tarot for guidance



The Power Of Self-Love is my new offering for 2023..

This an online course for women to align with their soft power.

Please go to my events page to find out more. 


As a highly sensitive woman there are so many tings that can effect your nervous system, leaving you feeling exhausted and disconnected from others.

This has a profound effect on self-esteem, self-worth, and consequently how much love you have available to yourself. It is difficult to love yourself when you are feeling disconnected and empty.


On this course, I am offering you a safe space where you can be received in a loving and understanding group.

I will be offering meditations, visualisations inspired by my work with Bee Shamanism.

There will also be an opportunity to journal and I will offer an art session at the end of the course. This will be face to face. Venue T.B.A


Would you like to find out how I can help you and more about what I do?Why not book a FREE 30 -minute discovery call here

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