Belinda Bluebell

Bee Shamana

Do you need Confirmation about your future?

Half Price sessions available for June And july. 

Guidance- On-Line Shamanic Bee Journeys.


Through deeply profound connection with bee wisdom, I channel the voice of the bees to support you in your life decisions.

I offer one to one sessions  On-line, you'll find more information on my Shamanic Bee Journeys page.

15-minute FREE Shamanic Bee Journey Consultation.

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Remember You Are Connected

Remember you are connected 

Remember you are love

Remember you are holy

As holy as the dove

Remember why you came here

Your mission to achieve

Remember your are connected

And that you will always be.


Belinda Bluebell

February 2018.

I also work with clients as a Bee Shamana using a combination of bodywork (Shamanic Thai Massage) and intuitive sound healing inspired by the bees.