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Welcome to

The Voice of The Bees

Are You a highly sensitive woman?
Do you feel life's struggles and pains deeply?
Are you ready for a reset?

I am a channel for the voice of the bees a writer, and shamanic Bodyworker.  I channel the wisdom and healing of the bee spirit through my intuitive touch.I also use my voice to transmit the healing sounds of the bees.

I support you to feel safe, understood, and clear, so you can discover the old patterns holding you back,. With my support you can shift them, so you can feel more empowered to continue with your healing journey.
There are various ways to do this,

Shamanic Bodywork sessions, from my home in my beautiful healing room in Totnes.
Online and live workshops where I live in Devon.

I offer individual sessions, lasting for 90 minutes.

Do You Feel Like You Need Bodywork,,but can't decide whether that 

would reach all the other feelings and emotions that are going on for 

you right now?

Shamanic Bodywork is the perfect combination of a body therapy and an

intuitive healing.

 Path of Self Love.

Do You Feel You Are Going Through A Crucial Time Of Change?

click the photo to find out more.

Special Offer £199 when you book and pay in advance.

The normal price is £239.

Offer ends March 12th.

The Path Of Self Love Series






Email Call me: 07754-779-28282

To find out more, pres the link below to book a 15 minute discovery session..

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