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The Voice Of  The Bees

Are you a highly sensitive woman?

Do you feel life's struggles and pains very deeply?
Do you find you find you get stuck in these struggles, and find it difficult to move forward?

I support women to come into soft power and sovereignty through connection to the gentle but powerful bee spirit.

What is soft power?

1. Vulnerability- Connecting to our vulnerability is very important as our inner strength is often found through this.

2.Self- Forgiveness-finding a way to forgive ourselves can lead to our own inner freedom, and ultimately our joy.

3.Self-Compassion- this is so important for our well-being and mental health, there are so many ways to be critical of ourselves, for example, holding old regrets, and not letting them go.



"Thank you for the Shamanic Journey session we had a few days ago. I wasn't sure how it was going to work over Zoom, but I needn't have worried! I was quite surprised that when I went to lie down in my 'nest' in the middle part of the session I soon felt a lot of emotion come up and the tears flowed. I then felt a great sense of calm and peace come over me. It was wonderful to have the confirmation I needed to hear from you about my future direction.”

​Karen Hunt. 

Belinda’s massages are divine! As a yoga teacher who lives with old spinal injuries she is one of two body workers I trust my body with! I always leave feeling totally relaxed, elevated and clear. I highly recommend this deep practice of shamanic Thai massage.

Work With Me.

Guidance- On-Line Shamanic Bee Journeys.


Through deeply profound connection with bee wisdom, I channel the voice of the bees to support you in your life decisions.

I offer one to one sessions on On-line There is more information on my treatments page.

Shamanic Body-work.

Shamanic Thai massage with me in Totnes Devon. This is a 90-minute session.


Self-Love Workshops for Women.
The Path of Self- Love
Path of Self Love
A course of Shamanic bodywork
This is a face to face treatment at my home in Totnes. 
These are workshops to explore self-Love and care in connection with the Bee Spirit.


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