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My Journey with the bees has been a truly magical  one. It all began when  I read a book called "The Shamanic Way Of The Bee" by Simon Buxton."

I was on a quest for my own healing at the time and had travelled to Thailand and India seeking a  spiritual path to follow. It wasn't until I found 'The Path Of Pollen' (the Bee shaman tradition from Eastern Europe) that my journey really began. 

I trained on this path for 3 years with the Sacred Trust in Dorset studying the practices that had been passed down from many generations. I was part of an amazing sisterhood, sharing deep ritual and ceremony. 

I have woven my experiences as an initiate of the Path Of Pollen, Natural Beekeeper and intuitive Bodyworker( over 20 years experience) to step into this new phase of work as a channel for the voice of the bees. 

I feel their breathe and light inside me, and I am passionate to share this with you.

I moved to Devon ten years ago, and since then, I have been offering workshops. here and in the U.k. I have offered bee pilgrimages,I have worked at festivals around where I live in Devon.. I have offered many sessions from my healing room in Totnes.

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