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The Power of self-love

The Power of Self-Love


Go and open the door

Maybe there’s a person standing there

Ready to help you with your self- love

She is holding a bunch of pink roses

And she is offering them to you


My name is Belinda Bluebell , I am a channel for the voice of the bees. My goal is to make a difference to the world by sharing the love, wisdom and knowledge of the gentle bee spirit. The Bee Spirit is my ally I draw connection and soft power from her.

In the past I have held myself back form what I want, because I didn’t feel worthy, or good enough, or deserving of a life where I can have great experiences and lovely things.

I changed all this, I guess you are interested how I did it?

Well, I had some uncomfortable experiences, which I chose on some level, like breaking my ankle, and having to spend 3 months on a couch. However , I turned this into a positive, and wrote a daily journal. This helped me work out some issues from childhood, and some grief that I had been holding onto for a while.

My Journey with the bees has been a truly magical  one. It all began when  I read a book called "The Shamanic Way Of The Bee" by Simon Buxton."

I was on a quest for my own healing at the time and had travelled to Thailand and India seeking a  spiritual path to follow. It wasn't until I found 'The Path Of Pollen' (the Bee shaman tradition from Eastern Europe) that my journey really began. 

I trained on this path for 3 years with the Sacred Trust in Dorset studying the practices that had been passed down from many generations. I was part of an amazing sisterhood, sharing deep ritual and ceremony. 

I have woven my experiences as an initiate of the Path Of Pollen, Natural Beekeeper and intuitive Bodyworker( over 20 years experience) to step into this new phase of work as a channel for the voice of the bees. 

I feel their breathe and light inside me, and I am passionate to share this with you.

Benefits of Joining this course.

On this course,

I am offering you a safe space where you can be received in a loving and understanding group.I

will be offering meditations, visualisations inspired by my work with Bee Shamanism.

There will also be an opportunity to journal and I will offer an art session at the end of the course.

This will be face to face. Venue T.B.A

If you would like to know more about this course please contact me by email

or book a discovery session with me on calendly

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