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The Courage to Change.

How would it feel to harness the power of vulnerability, and to step into your Courageous self?
What is the courage to change series ?
The Courage To Change is a series of four weekly two hour sessions online, beginning in November. these are the dates, 1st November ( free taster session.)
15th/ 22nd and 29th. The remaining sessions are £15 each, and are to be paid in a block payment of £45 before the series starts. 

 Who is this for?

 This Series is for Women who have had a trauma issue, ( health, relationship, work )  My intention is to create a safe space for women to be witnessed from the heart by          each other, so we can we vulnerable together. 

Each week, I will call on the gentle bee  spirit to guide us, this will include a shamanic bee journey which I will do for the whole group. 

There are four themes in this series ; 1  The gift of vulnerability, 2  Seeking, and trusting your inner wisdom, 3. Stepping into your soft power,  4. Lighting  your inner flame.

Benefits of this series 


   1. Healthier connections to others, so you can form intimate relationships more easily, or improve relationships at home or at work.

    2 . Clarity about what your inner truth is,leading to and direct access to your inner wisdom.

    3. More self -Love, and self-empowerment, so you can take the steps you need to take     in your life

    4.  The Courage and passion to go for what you really want. 

     Here is a testimonial from a recent client.

The courage to change five session on- line series.


 This series is an amazing journey to inner discovery and support from both the Bee guidance and Belinda’s council.


The journey showed me the mirror reflecting back  to my sticking points and challenges and my successes and joy in areas where I had overcome.


During the series, I decided to change the direction of my work area, and stood  up for what I believed in .

By the end of the series I had chosen another department to work in, so I can grow within the company.


Also my passion for bees has grown throughout the course and am now getting my own bee hive !

Karrie Dashwood.

     Please email me to find out



Would you like to be part of a hive tribe where you can deepen into your feminine self?

The Secrets Of The Hive

This is a weekly group where we use different Practices Such as Humming, guided bee visualisations, and more , to build energy with our womb spaces and our hearts to heal ourselves.Please go to my facebook page to find out more

This is for women only and is free on zoom for the whole of October, dates are as follows ; Tuesday  October 13th / 20th / 27th, 7-30-8pm on zoom. Please email me if you would like to join in.

15-minute FREE Shamanic Bee Journey Consultation.

Would you like to find out how I can help you and more about what I do?
Why not book a FREE 15 - minute discovery call so that we can get to know

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I also work with clients as a Bee Shamana using a combination of bodywork (Shamanic Thai Massage) and intuitive sound healing inspired by the bees.