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Here is a poem to light your spring fire !

Green Fire !

The energy of spring

A time of courage and tenacity

Wild passion and love

She is around in the green of nature

playing her part,

enticing us into colour and vibration

and into our own eternal spring

inside us

The blossoms beckon with dainty petals

alluring and mesmerising

They leave us captivated and hopeful,

that we can regain our memory anew

and take action to fill the world with our gifts.


Belinda Bluebell 28/2/21

The gift of vulnerability for women.

Connect to the bees on a journey where you can discover the gift of your vulnerability as a woman.


This workshop is for women who would like to find a way to create deeper connection to themselves and others, so they can form intimate relationships more easily, and benefit from being in a safe group of women.


This is a session divided into three parts , each roughly 50 minutes total 2.5 hours. You will need a candle, drawing materials, blankets cushions, and a drink.

Make sure you have a quiet space to lie down in where you will not be disturbed.


In the first part, I will guide you as a group to share about vulnerability,

We will explore what makes it difficult for you to be vulnerable, and how we can open ourselves more freely to intimate connection without fear or shame.

I will create a safe space of deep listening and everything you say will be confidential.


 I will lead you on a guided meditation into your womb space, so you can experience the gentle and beautiful bee energy there with humming and breathing exercises, so you may connect to your deeper self, and even receive healing for yourself in this sacred feminine space.


 This will lead on to us making a group intention still in connection to your womb space, then I will journey on behalf of our group to ask the bee-spirit for guidance and wisdom around the theme of the gift of vulnerability.


The journey will last for 30 minutes, and there will be time after for taking notes.

There will be a final sharing at the end.


Benefits of coming to this workshop include


More intimate connection to yourself and others.

More ease in forming an intimate relationship.

A deeper connection to your intuition

More self- love.


Join us this spring on this special free workshop.

 25th of April.

 At 10 am -12-30 - online with the brightsky community.


There will be a zoom link for you to follow.

I am continuing with my Unity Hive Meditations on a fortnightly basis on-line. The meditation includes a tuning in at the beginning, and a sharing at the end. We start at 7.3o and go on to 8pm. If you are interested, you can email me at www. belinda@thevoiceofthebees.com or go to my face-book page https://www.facebook.com/events/1306821356366414/

Piece of Honeycomb

I joined a new community for networking, business, and support, its called Bright sky Community. I will be offering free workshops over the coming months. The workshop I am most passionate about is the Gift of Vulnerability, which I will offering in April. 

In this workshop I combine bee wisdom, which I having been offering in different ways, including Shamanic massage treatments, and more recently as a healer and light worker as the voice of the bees, here is the link where you can find my listing and many others. https://brightsky.community/

15-minute FREE Shamanic Bee Journey Consultation.

Would you like to find out how I can help you and more about what I do?
Why not book a FREE 15 - minute discovery call so that we can get to know

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