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The gift of vulnerability for women.

Connect to the bees on a journey where you can discover the gift of your vulnerability as a woman.


This workshop is for women who would like to find a way to create deeper connection to themselves and others, so they can form intimate relationships more easily, and benefit from being in a safe group of women.

Workshop T.B.A.

Sonic Bee Journeys. In and around  Totnes

I work together with other artists and musicians to weave our skills in bee Shamanism incorporating other healing modes, including crystal bowl healing to create a space of relaxation, love and harmony. Please go to my events page or email me belinda@the voiceofthebees.com to find out more. Or call me on 07754 779 282.

15-minute FREE Shamanic Bee Journey Consultation.

Would you like to find out how I can help you and more about what I do?
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