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Shamanic Bee Journeys

A Shamanic Bee Journey is an online shamanic journey which takes 90 minutes and is in 3 parts. In the first part we talk about your needs I will help you find your intention, so you have a clear focus, which will help to get a clear answer.. I will send you a questionaire when you book, which will help you start thinking about what you would like to change.This will last about 30 minutes.

The second part  I will do a shamanic  journey on your behalf, and you will be invited to make a cosy nest somewhere quiet where you not be disturbed.. It is good to repeat your intention while you are there.. This will last for about 25 minutes, I will chime a gong to bring you back.

In the third part I will share the message from the bees, this can be in the form of a poem or instructions, or you may have experienced some guidance while you were in your nest. 
Here is an example of a Shamanic Journey Session
What can  Shamanic Bee Journey help with ?

confirmation about a big decision you need to make.
A health issue that you are struggling with.
Relationship issues.

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