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Path of Self Love

An introductory session followed by a further three or more two-hour sessions all of which include Shamanic Thai Massage and intuitive work at a deep level. This extended period of time allows space for the natural process of inner transformation, with guidance from the bees, integral to the treatment.
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Testimonial From a Previous Client

The series is £249 .00 when booked and paid in advance.

You will receive three 2 hour sessions, Which include body work and deep wisdom from the bees.

"Last year, Belinda had a special offer on her ”Path of Self-Love which I took her up on, and, having got a lot out of it, did the same again this year.

   I very much appreciate the way she combines massage with Bees shamanism and can feel their presence in a slight sting at times, along with the surprisingly comforting ssound, as if I m being taken into the womb of the hive,

and nurtured like a Queen.

This year, I have been evaluating “where I’m at”, and adjusting my course in life to synchronize better, and so, I did this 3 session package again.

 I feel it’s an opportunity to bring the work to a physical level.

In the pressures & movements of my body Belinda helped me reconnect to a past-life holding pattern, and let it go. By the end,I felt that all the layers of “psychic dust” had left, much like beating a carpet in effect, but much

More pleasurable. I recommend this most highly, as restorative to whatever level you choose to work at."

Thank you, Belinda.

   Sarah J.

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