Shamanic Bee Journeys

BeeWisdom- An -interactive on-line session divided into three parts- First part interactive, the second part, passive, third part interactive. Please contact me prior to booking.
 An online session takes an hour and a half, and occasionally longer depending on what arises. The session is divided into three parts, the first being an in-depth focus on the intentions and situation around you as a client. This will be guided by me through clarifying questions so that you may get the best from the session.

For the second part or journey phase, I consult with bee wisdom as the ‘Voice of the Bees’, most often through a specific shamanic practice of walking meditation, where I connect to the earth, the bees and the hive.

During this stage, you as a client are invited to lie down or sit, whichever more comfortable, for around a half hour and remain in contact with me as if we were in the same physical space. Deepening into relaxation yet staying aware of your questions or original intention, present to any images or feelings that pass, enables us to be best connected and connecting to the wisdom of the hive.

Guidance comes to me in several ways; a journey, poem or sensation, which is translated into a comprehensible form for you in the final part of the session. Every session is different because of the intuitive and liminal nature of the work and includes time to talk through the information, explore and receive more fully the benefit from our time.

A follow-up session is available if needed.
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15-minute FREE Shamanic Bee Journey Consultation.

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Shamanic Thai massage with me in Totnes Devon. This is a 90-minute session.
Benefits and Effects.

  • Relief from aches and pains

  • Increased mental health

  • Raising energy

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Relief from insomnia

  • Inner Calm

  • Clarity in perspective and direction

  • Clearing of past life issues

  • Personal transformation


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  • Or call 07754-779-282.

Path of Self Love
A course of Shamanic bodywork
This is a face to face treatment at my home in Totnes. 

An introductory session followed by a further three or more two-hour sessions all of which include Shamanic Thai Massage and intuitive work at a deep level. This extended period of time allows space for the natural process of inner transformation, with guidance from the bees, integral to the treatment.
For more information about these sessions;
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Sonic Bee Journeys. In and around  Totnes.
I work together with other artists and musicians to weave our skills in bee Shamanism incorporating other healing modes, including crystal bowl healing to create a space of relaxation, love and harmony. Please go to my events page or email me belinda@the to find out more. Or call me on 07754 779 282.