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"Hi Belinda, I just had to write and thank you for the Shamanic Journey session we had a few days ago. I must admit I wasn't too sure how it was going to work over Zoom. I'm not used to doing sessions like this remotely but I needn't have worried! 


I was quite surprised that when I went to lie down in my 'nest' in the middle part of the session I soon felt a lot of emotion come up and the tears flowed. I then felt a great sense of calm and peace come over me. I had other physical sensations as well but I understand from you that it's quite common. 


Anyway, it was wonderful to have the confirmation I needed to hear from you about my future direction - I'm excited! I know it was weird to have mentioned two seemingly unrelated things in my intention but as we discovered they are very much connected.

Karen Hunt. 

I have nothing but praise for Belinda.

She goes about her healing and Bee wisdom in a quiet and confident way. She listens, but really with her healing touch and quietude, and the beautiful sounds that come from her while she is carrying out a massage, she does not need to know. It is as if she is a channel direct to the Universe, and you can trust her if you trust the Universe to know what is best for you.

I have had three treatments, and the last one was so powerful, that it touched an anger deep down inside me that I never knew was there. Since then, the neck pain which I suffered for a very long time has disappeared and along with other meditations that I practice daily, I feel lighter and more connected to the cosmos.

I love her knowledge of the bees and the way that she gets in touch with Bee wisdom. Her gift was manifested in a workshop which she ran in March and I attended. It was magical and exciting yet gentle and relaxing.

I thoroughly recommend Belinda’s work and I know who I will go too at any time in the future when I feel overwhelmed and below par, in body and mind, not to even mention my Spirit.

Patricia Cherry, Life Coach, and Celebrant.

Last year Belinda had a special offer on her ”Path of Self-Love” which I took her up on and having got a lot out of it, did the same again this year. I very much appreciate the way she combines massage with Bee shamanism and can feel their presence in a slight sting at times, along with the surprisingly comforting Sound, as if I'm being taken into the womb of the hive, and nurtured like a Queen.


This year, I have been evaluating “where I’m at”, and adjusting my course in life to syncronise better, and so, I did this 3 session package again. I feel it’s an opportunity to bring the work to a physical level. In the pressures & movements of my body Belinda helped me reconnect to a past-life holding pattern , and let it go. By the end I felt that all the layers of “psychic dust” had left, much like beating a carpet in effect, but much more pleasurable. So, I recommend this most highly, as restorative  to whatever level you choose to work at.

Thank you, Belinda. 

Sarah J.


Belinda’s massages are divine! As a yoga teacher who lives with old spinal injuries she is one of two body workers

I trust my body with! I always leave feeling totally relaxed, elevated and clear. I highly recommend this deep practice of shamanic Thai massage.

Stephanie Bailey, Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

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My Shamanic Bee healing via zoom.

Belinda is an incredibly gifted Shamanic Bee healer. She listens to you completely
during the consultation, relaxing you, inspiring trust and openness which helps you
feel in a safe environment to let go and express yourself. I laid down making my nest with blankets whilst she journeyed for me on my question.

I still sensed her connection and felt nurtured whilst she carried out her work. The sharing of the bee’s wisdom afterwards was amazing with many aspects synchronising with situations that were happening in my life, it was like they had read my mind and were positively helping me move forward.
Afterwards I felt very humbled and deeply moved by the whole experience.  Karrie Dashwood.

After a brief ten minute encounter with Belinda I  knew I'd met someone with a true healing skill and I wanted to experience more. 

I met Belinda at an event and experienced "taster" head and shoulder massage. Her manner was kind and caring and she used her tuning forks to vibrate sound through my shoulders. I literally felt tension drain from my body and felt quite emotional, despite the public setting and brief duration! 2 weeks later I set up a full 90 minutes session. (Bonus: off street parking right outside her home!) Belinda welcomed me into her light and comfortable room. After a quick form completion, rather than write why I was there, I told her. She received my story with her full attention and body awareness. Inside this attention I could focus and really feel what I was saying and in that consultation I had a breakthrough in understanding what I was looking for. After considering my situation, Belinda offered a healing process she uses that she thought would be appropriate. I felt safe, able to express my emotions through tears and very comfortable to lie down on the mattress with its heated cover.  My intention for the healing she was offering me felt clear as a result of the consultation and I repeated it 3 times. I felt Belinda used all her skills to support me: sounding, touch and breathing. I was so grateful to experience the power of her therapeutic touch and the strength she has to exert pressure that enables a feeling of real release. Time stood still and I felt completely held and attended to. I felt that Belinda cared about my story, my healing and saw the impersonal healing that was happening through me, as well as the ancestral healing possible for my family line and was willing to join me in it taking place. It was a validating and very powerful experience. I felt a sense of peace restored in me, I was re-grounded in my higher self, not the frightened, guilty and stricken self I had walked in as.  Belinda invited me to visit the beautiful allotments beside her house to bring me back to my self before I got in the car. I took this time gratefully and made some notes that really revealed the force of the experience I had just received. I would say that my intention for my healing was fully met. Because the inner work I am doing is so important to me and there are many layers, I want to come back and explore the possibility of more healing with her. I feel I've found the person who can support my growth, with great skill and sensitivity.

Footnote: I felt drawn to Belinda's work with the bees. There's a simplicity and 'belonging to the way of things' that feels good and right to connect with. You feel her partnership with them in how she offers her work. When I was resting back at home, I saw the face of a creature, in my mind's eye, that I didn't recognise. I saw it exactly as I had experienced spirit guides when I have undertaken shamanic journeys. In fact, she had described the healing we had undertaken as a journey.  As I gazed at the image I was seeing,  I realised I was looking into the face of a bee.  


Suzy Williamson, Ashburton 

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