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About The Bees

The Spirit Of The Bee

The spirit of the bee is calling. She is in need of our protection. There are so many in-balances in this world, and the bees predicament is our wake-up call to the stress, pain, injustices and all the other problems we face right now.

Rudolf Steiner made a prediction in the last century, that once the bees are gone, we will only have seven years left on this earth.

The culture of the honeybee has always been of connection and community and the beehive is a testament to this. It is a super-organism, it acts as one mind, the hive mind. The shape that the bees use to build their comb is a sacred geometrical shape, the hexagonal. On a metaphysical level the bees are separate but of one mind creating a connection which works as one unified whole. 

So, how can we achieve this level of inter-connectedness that the bees have?

I have been called by the bee spirit to be a messenger, an envoy, for what she wants to communicate to us.

I offer the following:

    - a poem from the hive

The Queen is the lover and giver of life,
Her scent flows throughout the hive,
She gives life to those eggs,
She lays with love and tenderness,
Tirelessly keeping the hive alive.
The worker bee gives a hundred percent
Without relent,
Her life is short, but not insignificant
For the hive,
She makes the biggest sacrament,
Of her life.
The Drones are the Shamans of the hive,
Singing the distant songs,
They keep the lineage strong,
And usher the baby bees along,
With loud buzzy hums, so comforting,
Keeping the baby bees strong.
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