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California Bee Spirit Journey.

My bees have inspired me so much since I have been caring for them.


They are the inspiration for all the work I do.

Recently they inspired me to take a journey to the USA to meet and connect with other bee keepers, shamans, and anyone who cares about bees, and would like to help them.

The idea for this website, the voice of the bees came from the guidance that the bees have given me. They gave it to me in the form of poems.

My Bee Spirit Journey to California really began before I even got there.


Two Angels, Stephanie and Rob, Prompted this journey last October, with an open invite to their home in San Diego.


Another Angel, Alaya, helped me to become more clear, to enable me to book my flight.

And my partner Nigel, was with me all the way.


The bees told me in poetry about the journey I was going to take


Here is the first poem I wrote in February this year


Dissolving into being,

Another way of seeing,

I am travelling, Un- ravelling the mistakes

And heartbreaks,

Free to traverse the Universe

To find my home,

And claim universal connection,

Which is in me, and without,

The holy place where the divine resides,

Is where I want to go,

Show me please,

The forgiveness inside me,

So I may be free.




A few weeks before I was leaving for my journey, I wrote a poem to help me get through the fear of going on my own, and all the uncertainty I was feeling.



Bee Spirit

Let he Bee Spirit guide me

Let the Bee Spirit say

Just what the next step is along the way.

Walking an invisible thread

On a path to mystery

I want to trust it all,

Let myself fall

So I am no longer in control

I no longer have a say

For what is, already

And I am here today




The Journey began in Santa Monica with a lovely woman called Marij, she was an absolute angel, and host for my first three nights in L.A.

She was generous, and wanted to know all about my bee spirit journey, we spent a lot of quality time together, including a visit to Café’ Gratitude, Famous for raw and healthy food, and an afternoon in an Ashram devoted to Yogananda.


The journey continued from there to workshop in the Joshua Tree Retreat Centre in the Mojave dessert, 2 hours from L.A.

I danced with 99 women for 4 days, we dove deeply into ritual, the theme was Ashes to Ashes. Death and Rebirth.

Here is a poem to share my deep experience.


I planted a seed in the dessert,

99 of us women linked up like a rainbow Serpent

To watch the sunrise,

The light of my staff showed the way into the pain,

The pink dessert sun rose, lighting my spirit,

I made a prayer of thanks for another new beginning.



When I returned from the desert, I was in the city again. I was finding it very difficult to be there, I found a local park near my hostel, and communed with the nature spirits there.

When I had recovered a bit, I went to meet a natural bee –keeper, who introduced me to his five feral hives in his back garden. One of the combs had fallen out earlier in the day, so there was a comb full of brood, unborn bees just hatching right in front of my eyes. I have never seen this before with my own bees, so I was mesmerised. As the first baby bee hatched out, she began to clean her cell and then go to the other cells to help the new ones being born.

We placed the hive close to the comb where it fell , unfortunately, there was no way of putting it back in. I never found out what happened to them, but I felt honoured to experience those bees being born, it felt like a rebirth for me on some level.


The next part of the adventure was the journey to Monterey, an area of natural beauty by the coast. I spent one whole day in the Aquarium there, watching sea otters being fed, and many other amazing sites. It was amazing to be sitting next to a woman wearing a bee jacket, I chatted to her, and we had such a great connection, it made my day. When I got home, I wrote a poem about the experience.

Here is the poem I wrote


A wonderful Bee jacket

I did espy in the aquarium in Monterey,

A sister, eyes a gleaming,

Our faces beaming,

At each other,

She spoke of concern for the

Winged ones,

I spoke of the bee spirit connection

As maybe the answer,

And she opened like a flower.


From there, I took a bus to Oakland/Berkley area, a long journey, taking all day. I finally got there, and was picked up by a Servas host. (Servas is a peace organisation, where you can stay in people’s homes world wide, and share about your life and yourself in exchange for accommodation). My host was very welcoming, we shared some meals together, and she took me sightseeing around San Francisco on one of the days.

We went to a Japanese garden, in the middle of Golden Gate Park. This was a place of peace and serenity in a busy city.

 I enjoyed seeing the sights, we went to the harbour area, and walked along by the sea, we spotted the famous Alacatraz prison. We arrived on pier 39 famous for the funny seals.

They had pups, which were very cute. I had the famous fish chowder too, a very touristy dish.


While I there, I contacted a beekeeper about visiting his tree hives. He was unable to meet me, but his hives were in an amazing place called Green Gulch Farm, a Zen Retreat.

I connected with a friend who I had met last year at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. She was very happy to spend the day visiting the bees.

She picked me up by car, and we drove over the East bay bridge, to get to Muir Valley.

When we arrived, we asked around as to where the bees were, but no one really knew. So we had lunch and rested in the beautiful zen garden. Finally, a gardener said, ‘they’re in the car park area.’

So we found them, and as we watched as the bees fly in and out of the tree hive,

I was so happy to see them in their element.

They were truly in their natural habitat and it made me think about tree hives as a future option.

I tuned in with the hive, and they were in bliss, being so high up, they were safe from being attacked by humans or animals.

I felt so happy we met them.

My friend was also enjoying this wonderful experience. We spent the rest of the day exploring the Muir Valley, named after John Muir, the conservationist. We visited Mill Valley too, to see the giant redwoods, which were over 2,000 years old. I sat in one, and I certainly felt the ancestors, and my heart cracked open with joy just to feel them.




On the road again! I took a tube to the airport, and caught a plane to Phoenix Arizona.


I arrived in phoenix airport where I was picked up, and driven to Sedona.

As soon as I arrived in Sedona, I could feel the powerful energy. I felt like I had come home. I wrote a poem, which speaks of my connection to the red rocks, which have been around for 350 million years.

I feel the red rocks in me,

Their silence pervades me,

And those noble ones, etched

On stone

Speak to me of my past when I was a

Goddess, a Priestess,

A wise one,

They seemed to be my family

I feel the red rocks in me,

So much happened in Sedona, it's hard to really know where to begin. The best way to communicate it is through my poetry. So I can tell you what happened when my friend took me to India Gardens  in Oak Creek Canyon. 

Spirit came through the garden,

and gusted me gently

into her vortex

For a moment all was unbalanced

and I was bewildered by her

But at the same time

welcomed home

To her rocks, waters and trees.

Let go, she said,

My belly churned,  I became overwhelmed

with emotion

Then I knew it was all ok,

I was feeling all the churnings

in  my gut, and I needed to see mother flow

She took me in her arms,

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