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Cycles Of Life And Death Are Constant.

Whether it's a big change, such as leaving your job, or the death of a loved one, or even smaller changes, like just changing your diet, or joining a new yoga class.

The bees have taught me that freedom comes from non-attachment. My bees died this summer, and this is what I have been learning. They told me that they had "dissolved into being". They reminded me of the poem they gave me earlier in the year all about letting go, and merging with the bigger picture or cosmos. It was painful when I first heard about their death. I was in shock for a few hours. It was lucky that I had the support of friends and the bees. I gave a treatment to my bee shaman friend Andrew. Afterwards, I asked him if I could sit with him and his bees. The message from his hive was that my bees were free and part of the big bee spirit, a part of everything. This thought gave me such peace. I realised that I too was free, because I am part of them. I cried and felt the pain melting into joy. I still feel sad and miss my bees, but I know it is right, some more will come to grace me. Thank you Crystal, for being my inspiration over the past three years. I love you and I am so happy you are now free.

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