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How Does Self-Love Show up for you?

Earlier this year I broke my ankle,

I was feeling a sense of overwhelm, I was looking outside for an answer, which I now realise was in me all along. I booked my self on a weekend retreat course with Lynne Franks, she was offering an inspiring women’s weekend retreat, and I felt that this was what I needed. I was hoping to find a new strategy and a new vision for my business.

However, things did not go according to plan, and I ended up fracturing my ankle on the first day.

This made me vulnerable and not really able to take much in, the focus for me was my painful ankle, and the fear I felt when I saw the swelling and bruising.

But I stayed on, I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want to miss out, and at that point, I thought it was only a sprain.

In hindsight, I would have preferred to go home, but there was no way I could drive, I could hardly walk.

Anyway, the next day we did our vision boards, and had a 1-1 session with Lynne.

I could not really find the pictures I wanted, and wish I had taken my own.

Anyway, the theme of my board was self- love. My intention was to guide women on a Path of Self Love, and work on my own self -love at the same time.

That was ok, but I needed more guidance about a bigger vision, but I didn’t get that, as other people had sessions and my time was shorter than I hoped. Anyway, I was struggling to move around and was in quite a lot of pain.

It became clear that was not going to be able to drive, and I had to call my partner to pick me up.

I left the retreat feeling like it was not relaxing as I expected, in fact it had not been a quiet peaceful time, it had been busy and stressful. I gave myself a hard time for a few weeks after about the fact I did not tune in before going to check it was the right one for me. However when I tuned into the bees, they said there are no mistakes, only experiences to learn from.

I didn’t have a peaceful retreat, but I sure had plenty of time in front of me for contemplation.

Then the self Love kicked in. I had to love myself in this state, and not judge it, I cried a lot, listened my inner child, and my teddy became a constant companion on the sofa. I created a ritual for myself to help myself get out of bed, which was to have a lovely hot bath, to light incense and to play gentle music while I wrote my journal. This is how I survived my first few weeks of confinement.

Here I am 6 months later, on the other side of my journey, and I am so happy it happened. I feel like I have healed some really old wounds, and of course it's not over yet, I also feel really passionate about helping you on your journey into self-love, however it shows up.



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