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What Are the Benefits of Honey, and How Can It Be Used for Healing?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Bees are one of the oldest forms of life. They evolved tens of millions of years ago. Honey -bees were wild before humans learnt how to keep them. In this country, and probably around Europe, they lived in trees and never experienced the problems or infections that they have now.

Honey was respected for it’s healing properties, and used in traditional remedies, but never exploited like it is today.

I see honey as a gift from the hive, and if I do buy some, I buy it raw and untreated. Unfortunately, most supermarket honeys have been heated and mixed to make a mediocre honey.

I recommend buying honey from a local beekeeper you trust who has not used chemicals in his her/hives, or from a health food shop. I recommend you to use it sparingly. I tend to use honey medicinally rather than putting it in my tea or in my food.

As a natural beekeeper, I have learnt to take only a small amount, and to leave the rest to them.

It takes one bee a life- time of flights to produce a tea- spoon of honey, so it is such a precious food source, it is important to not take too much from the bees.

Honey contains enzymes, which contain health- giving substances for humans and bees, anti-oxidants, nutrition, vitamins, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidants, and is anti-cancerous.

In ancient Egypt, the bee was a symbol used in hieroglyphics to denote the king of Lower Egypt. Honey was used for many things in those times, for dressing wounds, for sores, and for scurvy, it was also used after surgery, for stiff joints, and to reduce inflammation in the body.

In fact, honey was used in every household as a sweetener and a medicine. Magicians and physicians knew the many healing properties of honey.

Modern medical science has managed to find uses for honey for healing wounds,

burns, and fighting infections. These days, there are are lots of different honeys used for different ailments, for example, there is Acacia honey, this is good for using on the eyes for Conjunctivitis, and Blepharitis.

Borage honey is good for removing melancholy, for easing grief and sadness, it is also used in some cancer treatments for it’s anti-cancerous properties. Neem honey is good for healing psoriasis, eczema, warts, skin ulcers, diabetes, and chronic fatigue.

Honey is recommended by the W.H.O the World Health Organisation as a natural cough medicine, and can be used to improve sleep quality for children with upper respiratory infections.

In conclusion, we can care for the bees by avoiding supermarket honey, and instead buy honey from local farmers markets. We can also help keep the balance by using honey sparingly.I believe that honey has prayer in it, all the love, and devotional actions of the bees are in honey, So please remember to be grateful to the bees next time you eat some.

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