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Self-Love -My Personal Journey To Inner Change.

I have noticed that when I feel love for myself, my life seems to flow really well. I don't always feel like that of course.

Last summer 2021, I got Covid, and on top of that, my sister died. I got the chance to get close

to nature that spring, I wrote flower poetry, I painted and illustrated each flower, which brought me into a close relationship.

I decided to do the things I loved, walking , dancing, yoga, writing and seeing friends when I could.

I even changed my work place, as I had not been happy there for a while. I stopped working on line, and saw clients from home.

This all felt very good, because I needed the time to grieve my sister, and recover from Covid.

I was lucky enough to get bereavement councelling ,and I had the space to feel my feelings.

I helped a friend in need over christmas, and after that, I felt an even deeper longing for self-love.

I felt unsure if I should be spending most of my earnings on dance, and journaling classes, yoga, etc. However It has paid of in a number of ways. I have written and published a flower poetry book, and also created a nature connection workshop to go with it. It is the first time I have done anything like this. My Journaling teacher, Alyss Thomas encouraged me to do this.

I don't want to do the "business a usual thing," I have found a new relationship with nature.

I wish do do things more slowly, I have my local clients who come for Shamanic Bodywork,

and I am planning an exciting new workshop next spring.

When I love myself, I have more energy for manifesting my dreams, keeping the fire alive and the wisdom to tune into my needs on a daily basis.

To find out more about my work, or to order a book, email me at


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