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Spring Into Self-Love

Are you in a time of transition?

Have you suffered a big loss?

Are you looking for a gentle way to connect to yourself and nature?

I feel like I been in transition for a number of years now.

Three years ago I broke my ankle, which made me sofa -bound for quite a few months, I stuck with it and worked on my inner child by journaling regularly, and staying present when pain came up. I managed to find some forgiveness for my step-mum, and for myself.

More recently, I caught Covid (July 2021), and a week later my sister died.

I was very overwhelmed at the time, however, I journaled, and I spent a lot of time sitting in nature. I had already started a poetry project at the beginning of the year, channeling poems from the flowers around me.

As a result, I have written a book of poems and illustrated it by hand.

This was the medicine I needed, each time I tuned in with a flower, my mind slowed down,

and I began to feel the energy of the flower, and words just came to me.

I felt so healed by the experience, it took my mind off my Covid symptoms, and I felt I was living in a more peaceful and joyful place.

Here i a poem from my book


Her dainty pastel and delicate flowers

Are like small smiling faces

Looking out into the world

She is abundant in her growth

Her pastel colours of yellow pink and purple

Evoke a gentle beauty for all to behold.

I found that focusing on nature and my inner world was just what I needed at a difficult time of transition

I am looking forward to sharing these poems with you,.

I am publishing my book this spring, and I am hoping to run a nature connection workshop inspired by my book.

For more information email me

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