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Stepping Into your Soft power is vital right now

Whether you are struggling in your business, home life or relationship, self-love can help you to come into your soft power.

What is self love ? I hear you ask

Well this is a big subject, but I recently wrote an article called five steps to a self-love practice,which included a daily gratitude practice, daily walks in nature, and most importantly, connecting with animals or nature in a conscious way.

I do this as a natural beekeeper, I spend time tuning in with my bees, as they are a super-organism, which means they act as one being, and are connected to divine energy through this one-ness of being. When I sit near my hive, the sound and the scents take me to this divine one-ness, and I am able to channel wisdom, inspiration, including poetry.

When I have had a loss or something bad has happened, I go to my hive, and tune in with this all loving consciousness, which is expansive and powerful, it brings me into my soft-power, meaning a place where I don't push or struggle, but I breathe and hum.

Over the years, I have created ways for others to also experience the wisdom of the bees, and I would like to offer my services to support you in this difficult time. with some of these practices.

I I offer offer shamanic bee journeys on line,which you can check out on my website and a fortnightly meditation to connect to the spirit of the hive,

Please go to my face book page to find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Bee Blessings


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