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The Gift Of Easter- The Gift Of Rebirth.

I recently received an amazing gift of nature, a swarm of bees!

I was sitting in my garden on Good Friday afternoon, when I noticed a lot of activity around my hive.

Some bees were checking it out. I sat there and watched and saw them going into the hive, and even doing their famous orientation dance . This is when they fly in figures of 8

I was so happy, I sat and hummed, and felt so much joy. It felt like a part of me that had been missing for a long time, had returned.

I have been watching the hive over the last few days. They are still there. It really feels like the terrible time I have gone through these last few years, of losing my sister to cancer, and being really ill will Covid, has all been a big reset.

I intend to continue my work with with women who are highly sensitive, and are feeling a call to be supported by me and the gentle but powerful bee spirit. Contact me for more information

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