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Why are bees so important, and how can we help them?

I have been a natural Beekeeper for 6 years, and over this time, I have learnt so much about how Bees are important to humans and the planet.

Albert Einstein, a great genius from the last century, has stated that once the Bees have gone, we only have 4 years left on this planet.

I wonder why no one is taking this seriously?

Bees are a super-organism, which means that they act as one mind, and they will only take actions that will serve the whole hive, and the environment around them.

In his book, the wisdom of the Bees, Michael O’Mally talks about what the hive can teach us about leadership, efficiency and growth.

He divides his book into 25 chapters, the first one is about how bees protect the future. In chapter one he says,

“The God of the bee is the future” He goes on to say “Everything the bees does employs this orientation as a basis for it’s actions; what is done today, is always in anticipation for tomorrow.”

He adds , “Bees don’t focus on the most lucrative flower patches at any given time, conditions change rapidly, and they can ill afford wide swings in pollen and nectar intake. Said succinctly, bees avoid all –or none scenarios at all costs. “

When I heard a few days ago from Green peace that the government was going to make a u turn and allow bee -killing pesticides to be used in the U.K again, I was mortified. The reasoning for this is so the U.K can focus on growing sugar- beet this spring.

I find this an unbelievable and totally unacceptable reason to poison our beautiful bees, and nature habitats, which are already under great stress.

It’s the perfect example of how governments do not look into the future when it comes to business decisions that benefit our country in the long term.

This short term thinking is dangerous and is found in so many decisions made today that effect us individually, and personally.

As Green peace points out, “this is about bees, but it’s also about us. If we keep harming bees, we risk our food supplies. It’s estimated that a third of our food is dependent on pollinators, of which bees are some of the most important.”

If you have not already signed the petition, please do so, and, and I look forward to hear from you soon.

Please go to my website to find out more about my offerings which are inspired by bee wisdom.

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