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The gift of vulnerability

In these times of great uncertainty, how do you stay strong and vulnerable at the same time?

In her Ted Talk, Brene’ Brown speaks about the power of vulnerability.

She says that shame is the fear of not having connection, and this comes from the same feelings of not being good enough, and that vulnerability stems from this.

She concludes that it’s worthiness, that stops us feeling connected, and that there is a link to courage, compassion, gratitude and vulnerability.

Asking for help is difficult for most of us, but if we can bring ourselves to do this, we may find

that other people are more than willing to help us.

Have you experienced a time when you tried to do something by yourself, such as get to the shop when you had an injury?

It seems crazy, but a lot people seem to struggle a long in life thinking that being vulnerable is a weakness.

But what if we did ask for help, would someone reject us?

There is always that possibility. However, when we ask for help, it helps others to feel good too, and that brings us into connection with people we may have never met.

I recently written a series called the courage to change, and it includes a session on vulnerability.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with me

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