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Why is honeycomb so important ?

Honeycomb gives structure to the beehive, and it provides bees a way of connecting to each other through vibration. They are in constant kinesthetic communication throughout the hive.

They know what jobs are being carried out the hive.

How Do Bees Communicate?

The waggle dance is one way they communicate a food source. They dance a figure of 8 to let the other bees know direction,distance, and what quality the food source is.

The other foraging bees watch the dance,they feel it in their bodies. When it is time to go out together, they all head for the same source of food. They collect nectar, and at the same time pollinate the flowers all in one area. This is time efficient.

The benefits of comb.

The comb is both light and strong. It provides warmth for winter.

The queen lays eggs in comb cells that act as a brood nursery for the pips (babies), The comb stores the honey and pollen for the pips.

The lightness of the comb means the bees communicate easily with different kinds of sounds to share information.

So how is the comb created?

The young bees, about 2-3 days old secrete wax from their glands which is in their lower abdomen. This wax hardens and forms plates, the older bees add an enzyme to soften it and chew it in to shape.

To build the comb,the bees then form chains, where they stick to each others velcro feet, They create a shape like an oval or semi-circle and build the comb the way they need it. The newly made comb is white, and light as air. It gets darker when it is used to store pollen or honey. The cell walls thicken.

Honoring wax

Wax can be used in various ways. The most common one being used to make candles. Beeswax candles are better for the air, as paraffin oil, which most candles are made of, gives off fumes.. I make my own candles with natural wax sheets from thornes beekeeping supplies.

Wax is also used in natural beauty products, Burt's does a fine range of beauty products including lip balm and hand cream.

If you would like to know how you can support the bees. please order a bee saving kit today.

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