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Full Moon Swarm

My Bees arrived two weeks ago on the full-moon, the Strawberry Moon.

I noticed a swarm on the allotment, and tried to find them. However, they had disappeared.

I was the hoping the scout bees would come and find my newly cleaned hive, and they did !

They moved in on the 3rd of June, the day I was working at the Newton Abbot Wellbeing Show.

I returned home, and they were flying in and out of the entrance with great speed.

They seemed to have settled in really well.

I have been watching them every day, observing, their behaviour at the hive entrance,

and also through the window at the back.

I know they are staying, because they have built two lots of comb already!

I am so inspired by this lovely gentle colony, I am going to continue writing poetry, making art, and even and even get back to the book I was writing about soft power and self love.

A colony of bees is a super organism, they have a higher wisdom of their own. This wisdom

can be connected to by spending time near the hive, by humming, and taking time to tune in.

If you are interested in trying some of my healing work inspired by the bee spirit, come and try a

Shamanic Bodywork session. Call me on 07754-779 282. Or email me .

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