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Let's Make Bees And Rewilding Our Priority For 2023.

Restoration is needed for our earth and waters, to do this we need to

fall in love with the bees.

Bees are associated with greater love and devotion, they are " Mother Love in the

manifest". they are devotional beings because they are part of one super- organism.

If we want to improve our relationship with them, we need to spend more time listening and being with them to learn how to heal ourselves and nature.

They are struggling at the moment, but they are have been around a long time, and they will figure out a way to adapt.

When I tune in with the bees, they are telling us we need to save ourselves,.

Let's be in good relationship with bees and the earth, and the waters, so we can all survive

One way of making sure we survive, is to rewild nature as much as possible, we can leave our gardens to grow wild in the summer, we can get involved in rewilding projects locally, or start a local group, or join one.

I live in Totnes, it's very easy to find others interested in caring for nature, if you don't know much about gardening or growing food Incredible edibles is a good group to join.

I have been part of Incredible Edibles myself, and I have enjoyed watching all kinds of bees enjoying the Various flowers through the year.

I fell in love with flowers last year and wrote a poetry book with illustrations. My intention is to help others to connect and start to notice nature's beauty more.

My book is called aA Year Of Tuning in, and follows the cycles and seasons of the years.

Please contact me if you would like a copy.

I have a special promotion which only lasts till next Saturday.

I am selling my Gift Vouchers at a very reduced rate of £45, they are usually £65.

Contact me if you would like one.

I wish you a good festive season, and I look forward to connecting with you in the spring again.

Love From Belinda.

07754-779 282

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