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The Path Of Self-Love-Reclaiming Your Soft Power.

Are You a sensitive person? Do you feel life's struggles and pains deeply? Are you ready for a reset?

Self-Love is your key to growth, Expansion, and fulfilment.

Never doubt your capacity to love yourself.

'The voice of the bees.'

I am offering a more easeful and graceful connection to life through my shamanic Bodywork

sessions. These are inspired by connection to the bee spirit.

In my early 40's I trained in Bee Shamanism with the sacred Trust. I learnt healing arts passed down from Eastern European Shamanism. This included breathwork, and working with the womb and the heart with sound to clear emotional blockages.

I have combined Shamanic Thai massage, with Bee Shamanism, to create Shamanic Bodywork.

This is the perfect combination of a body therapy and intuitive healing that bypasses the minds processes. It works at deeper levels, and usually the receiver feels refreshed and relaxed.

Benefits include,

Relief from aches and pains,

Increased Mental Health

Raising energy

Boosting the immune system

Relief from Insomnia

Inner Calm

Clearing of past issues

Personal transformation.

The Path of self-love Journey.

This is a journey where I am assisted by the bee spirit to take you on a journey of self-love over a period of three months.

This includes bodywork, intuitive healing and guidance from the bee spirit.

There may be guidance in different forms, including instructions and poetry to help you on your way.

Each session lasts for 2 hours. The first session includes a consultation.

During the Journey, we will use the Tarot and I will guide you with some journaling techniques as tools to help you go deeper. I will provide you with a note -book.

We will also be dreaming with the bees.

The Special offer for this Journey is £199, for this month only.

Then it will go back to £240.

An Introductory Session is advised.

The full price of the Journey needs to be paid in advance

Email me to book at www.belinda@thevoiceofthebees,.com

web ;

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